Monday, April 17, 2017


When I was young, I think I had some nervous habits that most children do. I didn't like to step on the cracks of sidewalks, not because of the adage that I'd break my mother's back but just because it didn't feel right. When I walked on the checkered tiles in our school hallway, I had to make sure I stepped on as many black tiles with my left foot as I did with my right foot or else I felt 'uneven.' I distinctly remember in grammar school, I would go up to sharpen my pencil by the door and I would have to spin the crank an even number of times or I would feel 'off' for the rest of the day.
Some of my friends would describe having similar quirks but I always knew mine were a bit more severe. In the afternoons when my sister and I would lounge around on the couch watching television, she would bring the pillow from her bed so she could lie down. I couldn't bring my pillow because it didn't belong on the couch and I didn't like the idea of my bed being pillowless. If my left arm was itchy, I would scratch it and then also compulsively scratch my right arm because my body craved the symmetry. During dinner, when I'd put my chopsticks down to pick up my spoon, I had to make sure they were properly lined up or else my food didn't taste right.

Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Electric Biking

Happy April!

I love biking. You might know this already, but I've been tackling city bike shares whenever possible and it's a weekend activity that I've been enjoying immensely, especially since I got a little bike basket for my dog to sit in. Typically, I would just ride around my neighborhood but recently, my sister got a new bike and we started attempting longer rides. As it turns out, having a 25 pound pup sitting in a front bike basket kind of ruins your momentum when you're biking and makes it supremely difficult to bike if there is even the slightest hint of an incline.
So, back in December, I converted my regular beach cruiser into an electric bike. I bought a motorized wheel from Leed Bike, replaced my front wheel (which was super easy) and now I have a little bit of extra help when I'm riding with my dog and for any steep hills when I'm on my own.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Global Entry

I finally bit the bullet and got Global Entry. I had been putting it off forever because I was too lazy to go down to an approval center for the interview portion. However, I read that there would be reduced access to the program (starting February 2017). I don't know how true that statement is but I didn't want to risk it so my sister and I applied on January 31st and got our conditional approval about a week later.
It was a really painless process and only cost $100 for five years, which I think is a good deal. I think there are a few travel credit cards that will reimburse you for the cost. But honestly, $20 a year is barely worth blinking at.

Monday, March 06, 2017

Being Healthy

Since turning the big 3-0 in November, I've been focusing on trying to look and feel younger. I mean, I don't want to be one of those ladies that holds onto their youth in an inelegant way; I don't want to walk around wearing Forever 21 when I'm 45 thinking that I'm hot shit. However, I do want to look as fresh-faced as possible but more importantly, I want to feel youthful.

I despise working out because I don't find it enjoyable. I love hiking and snorkeling and biking and swimming, but these are not necessarily easily accessible activities on a day-to-day basis, especially considering the winters in the northeast are rather brutal and there's also the obvious point that there are no coral reefs around here. I did work out quite a bit in college and for a while after I graduated but when I started traveling for work and life got busier, I lost all motivation.
I've been feeling extra sluggish this past year and a little bit uncomfortable in my own body (which is what happens when your clothes are just a bit too tight). So when work announced that in 2017 we would be reimbursed for gym memberships (instead of a free membership to a gym local to our main office, which is what the previous program was) I decided that it was a sign. This was the motivator I needed to get my ass into gear and start a proper exercise regimen again. I found a gym within biking distance of my house and signed up in early January (to take advantage of the discounts and special offers) and I've been going regularly ever since.

Monday, February 20, 2017

72 Hours in New Mexico & West Texas: Video Diary

My final post for this New Mexico and West Texas trip is my video diary. I had a lot of fun putting this one together because the footage was better than usual, which I owe to the amazing weather and beautiful blue skies we were graced with.
This isn't necessarily a trip I would repeat, not because it wasn't wonderful but because I think I saw all that I needed to see from these towns. However, I love reliving the trip through video.

Friday, February 17, 2017

24 Hours in Texas: Marfa & El Paso

Monday morning we woke up really early, like 5AM early, because we had to. We were driving to Marfa for a tour which started at 11:00 but we were losing an hour due to a time zone change.
We took advantage of the kitchenette one last time and made some egg and sausage croissant sandwiches.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

48 Hours in New Mexico: Day 2 | White Sands

On Saturday morning, we woke up with the sun. Because of the time difference, it was easy to get up and get ready. Despite the previous evening's lightheadedness debacle, we were feeling pretty good.
Our original plans for breakfast were thwarted when we found out that the restaurant was closed on Sundays. However, it worked out because we ended up at a really delicious spot.

Monday, February 13, 2017

48 Hours in New Mexico: Day 1 | Santa Fe

This trip was the exact refreshment I needed. January was a pretty boring month and it was difficult to get back into work mode after a leisurely winter break. I was looking forward to warmer weather, endless sunshine, desert landscape, and getting back to nature.

It was a fantastic long weekend getaway and I highly recommend a visit to this region of the country. It's quiet, beautiful, and understated.
I left work midday on Friday so I could catch a train into the city and meet up with D. Then we hopped on the subway to we could grab the Airtran to JFK.

Monday, February 06, 2017

Madison Mud: Beginner's Session

Just before Thanksgiving, my sister and I signed up to do a pottery wheel class at Madison Mud. My coworker did the early fall session and loved it and brought in some of her pieces. The mugs she'd made were so gorgeous and she was raving about it so much that I decided that I had to give it a go too.

Mel, the owner and one of the teachers, is an amazing lady. She's really business-minded (she owns multiple businesses), she's a crazy talented potter, she's smart, she's funny, and she's really sweet.
The class is lots of fun and you really learn how to make usable, functional, beautiful pieces. I wanted to share some photos I took throughout the classes. Obviously I couldn't take as many photos as I wanted because 90% of the time I was soaked in clay, but I did as much as I could.

Monday, January 30, 2017

new destinations: New Mexico (and Texas)

My friend D and I always try to plan a little friends getaway every year. Last year we went to Arizona and had such a good time that we're tackling a bit more of the American southwest again this year. We're headed to Santa Fe for a few days and then spending a day in Texas and I'm pretty excited. It's going to be a pretty artsy trip (hello, Georgia O'Keeffe!) but I'm also really going to savor being in that amazing desert ecosystem again.
We leave this weekend and I'm super excited. The flights were a bit complicated - we got direct flights there but we have a layover coming back because we're flying out of a different airport - but we managed to score a pretty good deal ($270 each). We're renting a car and driving all over; we had a blast doing it last year so I can't see why we won't love it equally this time around.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Road Trip Checklist

I always thought I wasn't really a fan of road trips because I kind of hate driving (I was the youngest in my grade so I was the last to get my license and was basically chauffeured around for a long time). I actually really love sleeping in cars, which isn't great for road tripping because I think that part of the charm is noticing stuff along the drive, right?

As it turns out, I actually kind of like road trips. I suppose it depends on how you define it, but I qualify a road trip as any vacation that involves spending a decent amount of time in the car. So, that time my family drove up to Ithaca for a long weekend, I consider a road trip. That week in November that we drove around Iceland; that was a road trip. Last year in Arizona, that was definitely a road trip. Sure, some of those required flights that took us to our destination, but once we were there, we did quite a bit of driving so they qualify.
Since D and I are doing another road trippy holiday in a couple of weeks, I thought I would put together a few essentials that I like to have in the car, ways I like to prepare, and a few extras that make road trips more successful and more fun.

Monday, January 09, 2017

How To: Plan a Long Weekend Trip

For years, I was always super keen on taking long holidays. Basically, I always wanted to use 5 or 6 vacation days to spend at least a week abroad. In the past couple of years, however, I've really come to love weekend trips and exploring more of my own country. I read a NYTimes article about vacations boosting happiness and the results indicated that taking several shorter trips actually make people happier than a couple of longer trips.

Why? Because the best part of travel is apparently the planning and the anticipation, which is something I can wholeheartedly understand. I mean, I have a countdown app on my phone which I check daily to see how many days I have until my next trip. I make Pinterest boards to get inspiration for my trip. I collaborate with my co-travelers on Google Docs and we're constantly texting and emailing and chatting about the trip right until we actually depart. I pin cool spots on a travel map. I start an entry in my travel journal. I'm always eager when it come to planning my outfits and making my packing list. There's a flurry of activity prior to the trip, all of which just stoke the flames of excitement.
I still love my longer trips, don't get me wrong, but when there's a cheap flight or when I start to get a bit bored and itchy, it's super easy to run off for a few days.
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