Farmers Market

The adorable little town I live in hosts a Farmers Market every Saturday from late Spring through early Autumn. My sister and I have stopped by here and there but now that we routinely pass by the market riding our bikes on our way to the dog park, we've been stopping by more often.

The last time we were there it was drizzly and ugly so we ran to a few booths and grabbed what we needed and then hightailed it out of there, getting soaked on the way home. But, this past weekend, the weather was beautiful so I brought my camera along to take some photos.
I'm constantly sharing trips and outings here but I think I want to maybe start highlighting some of the more day-to-day activities. Just because they're routine to me doesn't mean they're not interesting, right?

There's a produce stand, pickle stand, bread, Italian food, Polish food, and a few random tables each week.
Garlic scapes are great. If you need ideas on how to use them, I shared a recipe on my food blog for a spicy pickled version.
Our town puts on a fabulous, elaborate fireworks show for the Fourth, so I thought I'd also share a few shots from the evening. It feels appropriate because we found out that the fireworks were Saturday night whilst we were shopping at the market.
I was playing with long exposures on my camera and ended up taking some pretty cool looking photos.
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