Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Makeup Bags and Organization

Hello. Today's post is another packing post. I love picking up little pouches at H&M (usually under $6 depending on the style) to store makeup and other little knickknacks and jewelry for travel and for everyday use.

These three pouches are approximately 5" x 7" and they're all from H&M ($3.95). These are awesome for holding lipstick, travel-size hand cream, compact, hair ties, etc. I use these to keep my makeup and hair things and all that stuff organized inside of my bag.
For trips or occasions where I need to pack up my makeup, I like to use this larger bag and smaller pouch. I put delicate things (like false eyelashes and vials of glitter) in the smaller pouch just to keep it extra secure, and then jam everything else into the bigger pouch.
These pouches are great and roomy.

I love keeping my things organized and these pouches also help prevent things from breaking. Any other makeup packing tips? Leave them in the comments below!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

New Camera!

Hi! I just wanted to share something that I'm really excited about - I got a new camera! I was thinking about getting a DSLR camera for a while but I was so put off by the size. I ended up getting a compact system camera, also known as a mirrorless interchangeable lens camera, also known as a micro 4/3rds system camera. It's a great in-between for anyone looking for a quality upgrade from a point-and-shoot but isn't necessarily willing to shell out the cash for a DSLR.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Valentine's Day Nails

Valentine's Day is almost here! I've been seeing a few versions of love heart nail art so I decided to try my own method. I've seen tutorials using washi tape (which is a less sticky decorative tape) and bandaids but I decided to use the sticky part of a post-it.

You'll need:
base coat & top coat
a base color (like pink or red - pictured below are Essie's Fiesta and Gap's Red)
an accent color for the hearts (white or gold would be nice - I have Sally Hansen's White Crackle)
and optional: a glitter top coat (like a gold one: Essie's As Gold As It Gets)
Start by trimming off the sticky part of the post-it. Then cut it into smaller pieces, fold them in half, cut out little hearts, and then unfold them.

Thursday, February 07, 2013

Holiday Ideas

So I am just itching to go somewhere! I have 25 vacation days to use up this year and my office has just declared that the policy is going to be "use it or lose it" from now on. I am not one to waste, especially vacation time, so I am all fired up to go somewhere. It's been 2 months since my last holiday and I don't have any concrete plans on the horizon, just ideas.

My cousin and her husband moved to Texas over a year ago and I have yet to visit them so that's probably #1 on my list right now. I've never been to that area of the US so I think it'll be a fun trip. She's warned me not to come in the summer time though, as the heat is unbearable, so I'm thinking sometime in the spring will be lovely.

I'd also love to take my family on some amazing trip this summer. I really want to go somewhere that has great snorkeling AND great hiking AND interesting sightseeing. Bali is pretty high up on my list, but flights out there are quite expensive in the summer ($1500+ RT), since their tourist season is from April to September. Belize and Jost Van Dyke (British Virgin Islands) are also two places that fit the criteria as well and flights to that part of the world are around $600 to $700 in the summer. However, Jost Van Dyke can only be reached by sea (after flying to a nearby island).

I really really really have my heart set on Bali though. I'm wondering if I can make it a 2-week trip and also go to Australia and/or New Zealand (though, it'll be winter there). It looks like August has some of the cheapest prices:
My fingers are crossed that my tax refund is nice and hefty this year so I can have lots of fun in lovely far off destinations!

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

DIY Hair Tie Organizer

I'm sharing another DIY project today. It's a really easy one and it's not even really a DIY because all I did was peel some stickers and slap them on something that was already made but I'm sharing it nonetheless.

What you need:
magnets with sticky backs ($3 at Michaels)
small canisters or any container, lids optional ($1 each at Michaels)
First step is just to peel the backs off of the magnets.
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