DIY Hair Tie Organizer

I'm sharing another DIY project today. It's a really easy one and it's not even really a DIY because all I did was peel some stickers and slap them on something that was already made but I'm sharing it nonetheless.

What you need:
magnets with sticky backs ($3 at Michaels)
small canisters or any container, lids optional ($1 each at Michaels)
First step is just to peel the backs off of the magnets.

And then the second step is to stick the magnets onto your containers. Now you can stick your bobby pins to the magnets for easy, organized storage.
You can stick the magnets anywhere. For my second canister, I stuck the magnet onto the lid of my little container.
And then you can toss all of your hair ties into the containers. Voila! Organization - it's an OCD sufferer's dream.