Makeup Bags and Organization

Hello. Today's post is another packing post. I love picking up little pouches at H&M (usually under $6 depending on the style) to store makeup and other little knickknacks and jewelry for travel and for everyday use.

These three pouches are approximately 5" x 7" and they're all from H&M ($3.95). These are awesome for holding lipstick, travel-size hand cream, compact, hair ties, etc. I use these to keep my makeup and hair things and all that stuff organized inside of my bag.
For trips or occasions where I need to pack up my makeup, I like to use this larger bag and smaller pouch. I put delicate things (like false eyelashes and vials of glitter) in the smaller pouch just to keep it extra secure, and then jam everything else into the bigger pouch.
These pouches are great and roomy.

I love keeping my things organized and these pouches also help prevent things from breaking. Any other makeup packing tips? Leave them in the comments below!