Valentine's Day Nails

Valentine's Day is almost here! I've been seeing a few versions of love heart nail art so I decided to try my own method. I've seen tutorials using washi tape (which is a less sticky decorative tape) and bandaids but I decided to use the sticky part of a post-it.

You'll need:
base coat & top coat
a base color (like pink or red - pictured below are Essie's Fiesta and Gap's Red)
an accent color for the hearts (white or gold would be nice - I have Sally Hansen's White Crackle)
and optional: a glitter top coat (like a gold one: Essie's As Gold As It Gets)
Start by trimming off the sticky part of the post-it. Then cut it into smaller pieces, fold them in half, cut out little hearts, and then unfold them.

Paint your nails with a base coat and base color and then let them dry.
Gently press the heart stencil onto your nail and then paint over it with the accent color. I tried to use the crackle nail polish, hoping to get a nice effect, but my nails are so small that the crackle didn't do what I was hoping it would do.

I ended up doing the hearts in one direction on one hand and the opposite direction on the other hand.
Once the hearts are dry, paint over your nails with a glittery top coat (optional) and then a base coat.
Here's a somewhat successful shot of the crackle nail polish at work:

Have fun making your nails festive for Valentine's Day!