Monday, March 28, 2016

Using Instagram for Travel Inspiration

I hate to date myself (meaning I hate to make myself sound old; though, I don't think I would go on dates with myself either) but I started university the first year that Facebook launched. I loved it back then. My friends and I would write on each others' walls (which, by the way, was limited to something ridiculously tiny, like 1000 characters, and we'd have to delete other people's messages to make room for our own). We were so happy when they finally branched out from just the ivies to anyone with a '.edu' email address so we could start stalking friending people we'd gone to high school with. We got excited when they introduced photo uploading (beyond a profile photo; we loved it because it helped us procrastinate from our uni work). Basically, I loved it a lot. But lately, it's been a drag. There are spammers, ads, and come election season, I come to hate those friends I used to love.

Enter: Instagram. IG is my new love. I only follow a handful of people (because the people who push their political agendas on FB also do it on every other social media platform) and it's perfectly acceptable etiquette. If you do it right, you should curate your IG feed with only those you deem worthy of your time and brainspace. I follow those who inspire me and make my life prettier because I use it to get a glimpse into some interesting lives. And because it's photo-centric and not word-centric, I don't get as bogged down and annoyed by typos and rambling captions because I am totally distracted by the lovely images.

Lately I've been using Instagram for travel inspiration. Once I looked past just following my favorite bloggers and found some new favorite travel Instagrammers, I was hooked. Honestly, there is a limit to how many flatlays of expensive material goods I can look at but I could browse gorgeous destinations for hours on end.
I wanted to share three ways I use Instagram to inspire my wanderlust.

Monday, March 21, 2016

How To: Budget Travel Expenses

I have more leeway when it comes to going on holiday now than I did as a broke uni student. Don't get me wrong, I'm still a penny pincher and I love a good deal. However, I have a little more to work with now so I can book my own room instead of sharing a small hostel room filled with bunkbeds and 12 other poor university students.

But, I'm still really strict about how I spend my money and I still budget my holidays. I mean, I also put shopping and food on a high pedestal so I have to make sure there's enough money to go around.
I thought I would share my thought process and method for budgeting my holidays and for keeping track of my spending.

Monday, March 14, 2016

new destinations: Greek Islands

I'm so excited because a couple of weeks ago, I finally booked flights for my summer holiday. My sister and I are flying to London (which is my favorite city in the world) and from there, we are heading to the Greek islands of Santorini and Mykonos.
The trip isn't until August, but I'm slowly but surely making arrangements because I know that many Europeans like to holiday in the Greek islands and I don't want to end up without a flight or a room (or pay way too much) just because I neglected to be punctual to the booking party.

Monday, March 07, 2016

How To: Not Look Like A Tourist

I'm not regularly one to get embarrassed about much. I once slid down a flight of steps (it was snowy) in front of all of my classmates at university and I just stood up and kept going with all of my dignity. I once flashed a bunch of New Yorkers when the wind picked up my skirt and I didn't even pause. However, the one thing that really embarrasses me is looking like a tourist.

I do my best to blend in whenever I travel. I do research beforehand to find out what it will take to look like a local and do my best to follow along with what I've learned. Being conspicuous and looking like a local is something I like to do because I feel like it's respectful to the people of the city and I also do it for myself, as it helps me have a safer experience. Sticking out turns you into a target for thieves (and as a woman, I don't want to attract any other criminals, if you catch my drift) so I do my best to behave normally.
I thought it might be helpful to put together a list of my tips for blending in.
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