Monday, September 26, 2016

Socarrat Paella Bar & Doughnut Plant

A few weeks ago, I met up with my friend D to have some dinner. We had originally planned to go to a floral wreath-making class but they cancelled it due to lack of interest; boo. Since I'd already mentally scheduled that Tuesday evening as a night out anyway, I decided I would still make the trek into the city (a v. easy one via train) so we could spend some time together and do what we do best: eat and gossip.
I left work a little early to catch the train; I was going the opposite direction of commuters so I had the luxury of a quiet, comfortable ride in.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Comfy Airplane Outfits

I got back from holiday a few weeks ago and it is the most depressing feeling ever to have to go to work and not have my awesome Greek island trip to look forward to anymore; although, I can now look forward to Iceland in November. Everyone has been commenting to me that it seems like I'm always on vacation and I've been replying, "I wish!" Admittedly, I have done quite a bit of traveling the past decade of my life, though a good portion of that is due to work and that's not really leisurely.

I've flown on airplanes enough now - I hopped around four flights this past vacation - that I have some "uniforms" that I'll throw on depending on the occasion. I also have some major rules that I like to follow to make my time at the airport and on the airplane as easy as possible.
And I thought it would be nice to talk about comfy clothes and traveling a bit more before I have to whack myself back into reality.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

48 Hours in London: Day 2 & Video Diary

On our last day of holiday, I was sort of sad that it was over but also kind of happy to go home to see GM. I think that's the best part of having a dog: you know you're going to get the biggest, happiest welcome home ever, even if all you've done is gone out to check the mailbox.
Wanting to wind down and prepare for the flight home, we kept our last day really low-key. We didn't have many major plans, especially because the handful of ideas I'd had for our last day we had already done the day before.
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