96 Hours in the Keys: Day 3

On our final full day, we had plans to drive up to Bahia Honda to do some more snorkeling. Unfortunately, the morning trip was canceled and the afternoon trip was going to get us back a bit too late. So, we took the opportunity to set up our pop up tent on the beach and relax and even out our tans.
We were up bright and early with the sun, which meant that our drive was disgustingly gorgeous.

We got there about ten minutes before the park opening time (8AM) so we had to wait a bit. During this time, we got eaten up by mosquitos.
We walked around Loggerhead beach and Calusa beach and then walked along the bridge. There was no one else there, which made it extra amazing.
Unlike last year, there wasn't gross amounts of seagrass on the beaches so we headed up to Sandspur beach to settle in.
The sun was hot, the skies were clear with only fluffy cotton candy clouds scattered throughout, and the water was gorgeous.
We saw a group of kids learning to snorkel with their parents and because the water is so shallow and so calm here, I'd say it is the perfect place for kids or nervous swimmers.
After a few hours of lounging in the sun, we were pretty hungry so we rinsed off in the showers and took off to look for a place to eat. We stopped by a fish market & restaurant but the ambiance was lacking so we decided to go back to Morada Bay.
They were out of pineapples when we were here two days earlier so I couldn't get my favorite drink. However, they were restocked so we were able to cheers with pina coladas.
For our lunch, we got the mahi mahi fish tacos (again), conch salad, and conch fritters. The conch salad was bright and fresh. The conch fritters were cooked in the lightest, crispest batter. It was totally delicious and totally hit the spot.
For dessert, we drove just a couple of miles up Route 1 and stopped for crepes at Bitton.
We got the banania, which was banana and Nutella, and basically scarfed it down in under five minutes. Yes, we are pigs.
With our full bellies, we drove back up to Fort Lauderdale with the top down. We got a bit of extra sun on our shoulders during the drive.
I used my Marriott points to get a free room at this hotel. We stayed here last year with a v. decent rate but it was significantly pricier this year though, so the points made it a pretty good deal.
We spent the rest of the afternoon enjoying the flavored spa water and sipping on our complimentary drinks.
For dinner, we grabbed a few tacos from Tacocraft, because we loved it so much last year.
And we grabbed some sushi too. This place was crazy affordable and really popular. I highly recommend a visit.
We enjoyed our feast like little pigs in the comfort of our hotel room while watching Shanghai Noon on television. I forgot how much I loved that movie.
We enjoyed the gorgeous city sunset views from our hotel before passing out for yes, another early bedtime. What can I say? When we vacation, we like sleeping when it's dark and enjoying daylight to a maximum.