DIY Watermelon Painted Dress

I was inspired by the M.i.h. Jeans watermelon-printed clothes from a few seasons ago and I decided to turn a plain white dress into a fun printed dress.

Also, this is a nice DIY in general because you can use the same techniques to transform something kind of dull into something more fun. I used acrylic paint (no need to go out and buy fabric paint) with some mixing medium and water and let it dry completely and left it alone for a few days and then I heat set it in the dryer and it's been great. I love it and I have a list of clothes I'm thinking about decorating.
You'll need:
an item of clothing to decorate
cardboard or newsprint
acrylic paint

Slip some cardboard or newsprint inside of  your clothing so that the paint won't bleed through. Then, start painting! Basically, the goal is to dilute the paint enough to give the effect of watercolor. If you're unsure, test out the pigmentation on a paper towel.
I drew watermelon rounds, half-rounds, and slices. I added a thin line of green to mimic the rind. And once that was dry, I used black paint to stipple on the seeds.
I hung the dress up periodically to make sure there was a nice balance to the pattern and I filled in any obvious gaps.
I think it came out really cute! Also, excuse the fact that you can see my underwear through my dress. I realized a bit too late after the photos were taken and honestly, I was too lazy to change and redo the photos. Sorry! But to be honest, I'll probably be sporting this as a beach cover up anyway.