96 Hours in the Keys: Day 4 & Video Diary

May the fourth be with you!

This is my last post for our Florida trip. On our final three-quarters day in Florida, we woke up bright and early so we could head downstairs to enjoy the spa for a few hours.
It was another gorgeous day.

The spa is actually really nice. It's tranquil, clean, modern, and pretty luxe.
We did a simple routine of steam room, sauna, cool pool, hot tub, and relaxing on the loungers with cucumbers on our faces. They had warm lavender towels, which we used in the steam room to open up our pores. And they had cold cucumber towels, which we used on the loungers to close our pores back up. We also used the cold cucumber towels on some of our more sunburned spots.
Afterwards, I felt super fresh and like my skin was baby fresh and brand new.
PHO 79
This was a meal we were looking forward to since we booked our flights.
We shared a bowl of the bun bo hue and a medium bowl of pho and loved every second, every drop of soup, every noodle. It hit the spot and I can feel my mouth filling up with saliva as I relive this in my memory.
We wanted a little snack to enjoy on the flight home so we grabbed a couple of banh mi sandwiches next door. We opted for the meal option, which was a nice deal, so we could also get some green tea smoothies. They were fantastic; lightly sweet and full of matcha flavor. I need to make some at home.
Now that we have TSA Precheck, we have the luxury of heading to the airport a bit later. Unfortunately, the weather back home wasn't great so our flight ended up getting delayed two hours, which was annoying but luckily we had our iPads to keep us entertained.
On the flight, we decided to treat ourselves with a creepy face mask. It kept my skin feeling fresh, which I loved because I didn't want our spa morning to have been for nought.
We arrived home to fog and drizzle, which was a bit depressing, but we were welcomed home by a tail-wagging dog!
Here's our video diary:

And here's our map: