Weekend in Philly

Last weekend I went to Philly and all we did was eat delicious food. I did my best to document our meals, but I kept forgetting to take pictures because I'm a fatso and I was too excited and distracted by my own hunger and piggishness.
It was really hot, but beautiful.

It was 90F so as we were walking towards the Philly AIDS block party, we decided to take a short detour to John's Water Ice (or "worter ice" as it's pronounced by locals) to help us cool down a bit. I ended up getting gelati, which is water ice and ice cream. And if you're confused by the term 'water ice,' it's just Italian ice.
For lunch, we went to Nomad Pizza, which was fantastic. There's weird art on the wall, which I like.
We got the cherry heat pizza, which has a cilantro pesto and peppers. The crust was charred and fluffy and delicious and I loved it. We also had the meatballs, Caesar salad, and arugula salad. This meal hit the spot.
After lunch, we hit up the Philly AIDS block party, which was in celebration of the fact that they made $2million in sales since opening. Everything in the store is donated and it's really affordable, which is great. Every time we've gone, we've found awesome cute things.
I contemplated asking a staff member to un-staple Jason Priestly from the wall. And maybe Brian Austin Green as well. Though, Luke Perry is the card I would really want.
At the party there were loads of awesome stands selling various handmade crafts and jewelry and other knickknacks.
I'm thinking about making my own "these hoes ain't loyal" embroidery.
Have you had cotton candy grapes? They honestly taste like cotton candy.
For a little snack, we went to Goldie, which is another Michael Solomonov restaurant.
The falafel with spicy tehina is the best thing ever. I know it doesn't look that great in this photo but it's amazing. This is my new favorite obsession and it's the only thing I've been craving since we got back.
For dinner, we went to Gran Caffe L'Aquila, which was fantastic. The burrata was creamy and soft. The polpito (octopus) was incredibly tender.
The truffle agnoletti was irresistible. They do this really cool thing here with savory gelato. That little white cube is a truffle gelato. The waiter instructed us to wait for it to melt before giving the dish a gentle stir and dig in.
I got the spaghetti vongole. The clams were tiny and delicious and the pasta was so chewy and perfect. They make all of their pasta in house.
Mich got the monkfish puttanesca. The capers were delightful and the fish was incredibly tender. The sauce was bright but not too acidic.
E got the gnocchi. Honestly, it was a bit gummy, but it was still good. The sauce was incredibly creamy and flavorful.
For dessert, we got the ricotta cheesecake, lavender panna cotta, and the pistachio gelato and nocciola gelato. I was obviously vibrating with excitement because the photo is blurry. The ricotta cheesecake was mind-blowingly delicious and I need to recreate it at home. It was super light and fluffy but also rich and creamy; the texture was so good. The gelato was so good and tasted incredibly nutty like the actual flavors of pistachio and hazelnut.
The next day we went to brunch at Dim Sum Garden and I only got a photo of the bok choy because I got so ravenous and forgot about my photo duty when the rest of the food arrived. We also got Chinese broccoli, mapo tofu with hand-pulled noodles, scallion pancakes, pork soup dumplings, and spicy pork soup dumplings. Everything was great and hit the spot.
For dessert, we went to T-Swirl Crepe. They make their crepe batter with rice flour so they're super crisp and chewy.
After eating, we went to the Schuylkill Banks Boardwalk to burn off some calories. We stopped by the dog park to ogle some cute canines.
And after that, we went to Cira Green to enjoy some pretty views of the city and to relish the cool breeze that you can only catch when you're high up enough to be away from the heat emanating from the sidewalk.
Shortly afterwards, we hit the road so we could get back to normal life. I'm already trying to figure out when I have time to go back because I need another Goldie falafel.