Hacklebarney State Park

A few weekends ago, we ventured out of our normal comfort zone and went to a new hiking spot. I was in the mood for apple cider donuts so I specifically tried to find a park near apple orchards. We ended up at Hacklebarney State Park.
This is basically just an iPhone photo dump. And there are a handful of extra photos from a few other spots in the Chester area.

This park is scenic and lovely and the hiking is moderate. There are plenty of level, easy trails but the long continuous loop around the park gets a bit rough and difficult at times.
After our hike, we went to Hacklebarney Farm to ogle the sunflowers and have some cider and donuts.
We forced George Michael to participate in a flowery photoshoot.
They had a seeded sunflower out on a barrel so we stole a few seeds.
The next three photos are from Labor Day when I went to Willowwood Arboretum and sweated my ass off in the boiling hot sun. I relished that day because it was the last day of 2017 that I allowed myself to wear a bra as a shirt. This place is gorgeous and peaceful and really well-maintained. You can get some major garden inspiration here.
I think that may be the last bit of summer that I share here this year. No wait, that's a lie. I have a photo dump from a weekend in Philly that I'll be posting soon.