1 Week in Portugal: Day 7 (Lisbon)

Today's post will be about our final day (plus a few hours) in Lisbon. We decided we wanted to spend the rest of our cash so that day's mission was to do some sightseeing and also do some souvenir shopping.
After breakfast, we hopped right on the metro.

We started the morning off at the Aguas Livres aqueduct. It was sunny and hot and the views were great.

On the way back towards the old part of town we stopped by this awesome little market. It was really clean and organized and photogenic.
We ended up buying some sardines because we thought the can was pretty.
I just snapped a photo of this corporate campus while we were walking by because I thought it looked pretty cool. I thought this place looked like an architectural rendering.
I didn't take any photos but we stopped by the Time Out Market one last time to buy some more piri piri peppers and to get some extra vegetables for lunch.
We made Korean ramen and kimbap for lunch. This meal totally hit the spot.
After lunch, we headed back out for an afternoon of shopping. It was boiling hot so we stopped to get some gelato.
Our first stop was at Claus Porto. We stocked up on a bunch of delicious smelling soaps. The lettuce scent is the best one.
We smelled some amazing soaps at Claus Porto and we wanted to buy them but the staff told us that they were discontinued. However, they had some left at A Vida Portuguesa so we went there to snag some and to just peruse. They have some of the cutest homeware.
I ended up getting this €10 sweater at Pull & Bear; I got the one that says "sounds good, but no" because that's my vibe.
We decided to have our final dinner at Da Prata 52, which is where we ate on our first night, because we knew it was delicious and we thought it would be a shame to end up at a restaurant that sucked and ruin our final evening.
We got a pitcher of white sangria, which was actually pink and it was delicious.
This time we got a few new dishes. We got the garlic and olive oil shrimp; the shrimp were super tender and flavorful.
We got the crispy cheese again because it was so good.
We got some green salads to round out the meal and get our required vegetable intake.
We got the corn breaded sardines again because they were so freakin' delicious.
We also got the peri peri chicken again (two orders in fact) because it was the best dish ever.
We tried the chourico, which came out in dramatic flair on an open fire. It was meaty and spiced deliciously well and the orange dipping sauce balanced out the fatty unctuousness of the sausage.
We got the tempura green beans, which were light and delicious and not at all what I was expecting.
And for dessert, we got chocolate cake and a mango soufflé, both of which were subtly sweet and awesome.

After dinner, we decided to stop at a little store to do a little more souvenir shopping.
When we got home, we did a little bit of packing before passing out.
The moon was beautiful that night and I learned how to take lunar photos.
We woke up on our final morning bright and early so we could finish packing and get in one last delicious breakfast before we had to leave.
We got to talk around the plazas while they were empty, which was amazing and I wish it could be like that all the time. I hate when it's overly crowded because I'm slightly agoraphobic.
For our final local meal, we went to Manteigaria for pasteis de nata. Manteigaria is well known for their egg tarts; they rival Pasteis de Belem for the best pastel de nata and honestly, I really loved the Manteigaria version. Apparently they ring a bell when a fresh batch comes out of the oven so people can come and buy them while they're still nice and warm.
We enjoyed these back at our Airbnb with a little orange juice and mango.
After that, we were off to the airport via the metro.
I'll see you again, Lisbon!
Here's my video diary: