1 Week in Portugal: Day 5 (Sintra)

One day in Sintra just wasn't enough for us so we hopped back on the train and headed back to that magical town. The morning was a bit cloudy and crisp; it was the first day that we could feel a chill in the air. But I actually enjoyed the relief from the heat and the fog surrounding Sintra was great.
We hopped on the train around 9:30 and it was just as crowded as our previous ride.

Once again, we chose not to go inside the National Palace but we did walk around it to take a few photos.
The walk to Quinta da Regaleira was maybe 15 minutes from town.
This place was gorgeous and I highly recommend that if you're headed to Sintra, you make time for it.
The grounds are vast and there are loads of structures to look at and pretty vegetation and because this is one of the less popular sites, there aren't incessant crowds to contend with, especially if you're there earlier in the day.
The initiation well was magical. We had such a good time wandering around it, finding secret passageways, and ending up at the stepping stone pond.
The imitation well was creepy, which made me love it even more. It was like a ghetto version of the initiation well.
For lunch, we had another picnic. This time, we had crackers, cheese, serrano ham, and apple slices.

By the time we finished walking around Quinta, the clouds broke and the skies became the bright blue we were used to.
We spent a little bit of time walking around town looking for a snack. We ended up grabbing a few pasteis de bacalhau, which tasted good but they were cold so the texture wasn't ideal.
I think the Sintra train station is so beautiful. By the time we made our way there, we'd just missed a train and we had about 40 minutes before the next one so we decided to walk around town.
Across the street from the train station is a canned sardine shop. I wish we could have bought a few; the cans were beautiful. But because there's liquid in the tin, it counts as a liquid and it cannot be brought in carry on luggage.
Because those codfish cakes in Sintra didn't quite hit the spot, we picked up a couple fresh ones from the famed shop near our airbnb. We got one with cheese and one plain; the cheese one wasn't that great but the plain one was excellent.
That night, we decided we didn't want to go out for dinner so we went to the grocery store and picked up a some produce and fish and made a meal in our airbnb.
The prices for the seafood were just insane to me. We managed to pick up four fish for €0.75 and a bag of clams for €4, which is insane to me.
M and I made a feast of tagliatelle with clams in garlic and white wine, garlic bread, arugula salad with queso fresco and tomatoes, and seared fish.
After dinner we went out onto our balcony to enjoy the full moon.
Here's my video diary: