new destinations: New Mexico (and Texas)

My friend D and I always try to plan a little friends getaway every year. Last year we went to Arizona and had such a good time that we're tackling a bit more of the American southwest again this year. We're headed to Santa Fe for a few days and then spending a day in Texas and I'm pretty excited. It's going to be a pretty artsy trip (hello, Georgia O'Keeffe!) but I'm also really going to savor being in that amazing desert ecosystem again.
We leave this weekend and I'm super excited. The flights were a bit complicated - we got direct flights there but we have a layover coming back because we're flying out of a different airport - but we managed to score a pretty good deal ($270 each). We're renting a car and driving all over; we had a blast doing it last year so I can't see why we won't love it equally this time around.

We've been collectively working on putting together an itinerary with Google Docs. It's been so much fun to check in on the collaboration here and there to see what's been updated. We use a lot of the strategies and philosophies I've outlined before in my 'How to: Plan a Trip Itinerary' post.

I'm pretty happy because even though it won't be sweltering, I'm certain it will feel amazing and warm compared to the frigid temperatures we've been experiencing here. I'm also really excited to do a bit more stargazing; light pollution maps all indicate that there are loads of spots we could venture to for clear skies unhibited by city lights.
I've technically been to Texas before - hello, Houston - but not this part; we're going to be pretty close to the border of Mexico. And I've never been to New Mexico ever. I'm hoping it'll be like last year's trip where we get all excited as we're driving around about the new terrain and architecture.
My packing list is likely going to follow last year's theme of 'athleisure' because we're going to be doing lots of walking and a couple of hikes and we may even be renting some bikes. The countdown is on!