2015: A Year in Review

What the hell? This year has just flown by. I know it's so cliche to say, but it's true. I guess it's because as you grow older, the ratio of one year to your entire life just keeps getting smaller and smaller so it feels like time passes by much more quickly. It sucks, but also helps me to appreciate the time I have and encourages me to do things I enjoy.
I thought I would take this final post of 2015 to round up some of my favorite moments from this year.

I shared some tips for travel journaling. (I think documenting travel memories is one of my favorite pastimes.)
We endured a snowy winter. Some of us enjoyed it more than others.
I had one of the most amazing burgers ever at DBGB.
I went to DC to try and see the cherry blossoms and failed. But, I hung out with Albie so it was all right.
I had the best time in Italy and ate amazing food and got complimented on my limited Italian.
I hung out in Boston for a day. H was a great tour guide.
I went to Philadelphia with my sister to visit our cousin and her husband and ate lots of yummy food.
I went on a little solo day trip to Provincetown and biked around this sweet little beach town.
I had brunch at the Crosby Street Hotel and enjoyed this little Jeff Koons on the way there.
I discovered a nest of baby robins right in front of our stoop and stalked them for two weeks until they fledged.
I went to Philly again, this time with H, on one of the hottest weekends of the summer. It was awesome.
M and I went to the hot air balloon festival. The traffic getting out was horrendous, but it was a great experience.
I went to Ithaca with my family for a long weekend, reminisced about my college years, and enjoyed amazing sunshine. I also shared how I travel with my dog.
I made yet another caftan dress in preparation for another autumn beach holiday.
I enjoyed the sea glass carousel at Battery Park and then stuffed my face at the Dead Rabbit Pub. I went into the city a lot this year.
I went up to Connecticut to stay with H for a weekend and we did a llama hike, scared ourselves at the Seaside Sanatorium, and ate really good food.
We went apple picking. And we hopped on the hayride for the first time in probably fifteen years.
H and I went to New Orleans for the Krewe of Boo and a self-guided AHS:Coven tour.
I went to the new Whitney Museum and had dinner at Budakkan with D.
I went to Hell and it was amazing.
My aunt visited from Korea and we went to see Aladdin on Broadway. I highly recommend it; the cast is awesome.
We had a great Thanksgiving
We got into the holiday spirit in Philadelphia.
And our family Christmas party was a great success.

Happy New Year and cheers to an amazing 2015 and hopefully an even more amazing 2016!