Day Trip to Provincetown, MA

While I was in Massachusetts for work, I did a little traveling. As you know, I went to Boston for a weekend. During my last weekend on the road, I decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather and I went to Provincetown, which is a little town located on the tip of Massachusetts' curly little tail.
It was a beautifully warm and sunny day, perfect for visiting a sea town.

After parking my car at the wharf, I walked up to Chach for some breakfast.
After fueling up, I went to The Bike Shack to rent a bike. It was still technically off-season so I got the cheaper rate of $14 for a 4 hour rental.
I explored Commercial Street and headed down to the jetty.
I love the little heart-shaped trellis arch thing that this pink house was sporting on the side.
I managed to walk about a third of the way out onto the jetty before I got too scared. I'm scared of falling and I have a weird, maybe slightly irrational fear of freak accidents and because I was on a manmade pile of rocks, I chickened out rather quickly.
And because I couldn't walk out too far, this was the best shot I could get of one of the lighthouses.
And this is the best I could do of the second lighthouse. It's pretty laughable, huh?
The city is known for being really open-minded and gay friendly which meant there were rainbow flags everywhere.
After a little ride around town, I headed up north towards Race Point Beach.
I only made it to the Visitor's Center before I got too hot (it was 80F and humid) and had to turn around. But, it was a decent 2 mile trip (each way) so I still managed to get a decent amount of exercise and I saw a few whales from the overlook at the Visitor's Center.
For lunch, I headed to what I saw as the most popular joint, as it had a long queue out the door. The Canteen is an adorable little eatery serving up super fresh seafood and beef.
They sold out of lobster rolls just as I got up to the register but that was fine with me because I had already decided to get the cod banh mi. The pickled vegetables were deliciously briny, the cod was incredibly flaky and fresh, the ciabatta bread was crisply toasted, and the Sriracha mayo added a nice spice. It was a surprisingly delicious find and I definitely recommend a visit if you're in the area.
After my late lunch, I was craving something sweet so I went to one of the many penny candy shops and stocked up on some of my favorite gummy candies and some taffy.
I also popped by the Portuguese Bakery for a freshly fried malassada, which is a fried yeast donut that's coated in cinnamon sugar.
The best thing is that you can watch the staff frying them right in front of you.
Being warned to be careful because the malassadas were still super hot was the best thing. Fried foods are best when they're fresh out of the oil so it was lovely and exciting. The donut itself was hot and chewy and perfectly sweet.
I had so much fun and I thought about sticking around until sundown - because I knew it would be gorgeous to watch the sunset in the harbor - but the prospect of driving 2+ hours back to my hotel in the dark swayed me to leave while the sun was still up.
I had an awesome time and I'm totally interested in going back eventually, perhaps when it's hot enough to actually go for a swim?