Italy 2015: 24 Hours in Polignano A Mare

The next time I want to have a relaxing beach holiday, I think I might head back to Polignano. The people are super laid back and friendly, the town is small and charming, and the surrounding sea is beautifully blue.
This post is slightly different from the past three cities because we didn't go to any major museums or specific sights. We basically wandered the town and breathed fresh sea air, which is basically all you really need when you're here. So, this post is more of a photo diary than a play-by-play of our activities.

Apparently, Domenico Modugno is a famous singer from Polignano and the people love him and gave him a statue.
The Pinterest-worthy photo opportunities are endless.
If it had been warm enough, I would've wanted to go diving in these little grottos.
Italian doggy poopy bins are cuter than American ones, right?
The water here is so incredibly clean.
Because we were just relaxing and being fun, we decided to do a crossword puzzle on our hotel's terrace.
The colors of the sunset were unreal.