Italy 2015: Polignano A Mare Logistics

Polignano A Mare is a gorgeous sea town. The water is beautiful and crystal clear, the town is full of history, and the views are incredible.
I don't know why Mama Nature loves me so much, but she always gives us such amazing weather when we travel.

Traveling to Polignano is like traveling to Alberobello. The closest airports are Bari and Brandisi and there are trains that will get you to Polignano.

We hopped into our rental car and drove from Alberobello to Polignano with the help of our GPS. The drive was peaceful and easy and if you need to ease yourself into driving in Italy, this is the place to do it. There were a few aggressive drivers here and there but in general, it was smooth sailing for us.
We stayed at Malu Bed & Breakfast, which was a super sleek and clean little hotel on the water. The location is prime - there's a free parking lot just behind it - and the staff are incredibly friendly and helpful.
We were upgraded to the best room in the place; the top floor suite that had access to the terrace.
There are several hotels in the area and all of them are in a similar price range so it's up to you where you choose to stay, but I definitely recommend Malu.
I mean, this is the view from Malu's rooftop terrace. How gorgeous is this?
I feel like I've been super repetitive but walking is the best form of transportation. There is a bike share program here, but it's tiny with only one station (that I saw). The old town is where you'll likely be spending most of your time and it's so small you can do a lap in under an hour.
The best part of being in Polignano is the lovely views of the old town jutting out into the sea so walk around the old town and stop at every terrace to snap some photos.
And whether you're there in the summer or winter, stop by the beach because it's beautiful. If it's warm, go for a swim but if it's cold, just sit and enjoy and breathe in the fresh sea air.
 And if you have time, stick around for a sunset because the colors are incredible.
And if you're into it, fishing is also an activity that people seem to enjoy. There's plenty of space to do it; after all, there's plenty of coastline.
As far as food goes, the Puglia region is known for its mussels and orecchiette. But, we saw so many fresh vegetables being delivered to every restaurant - probably lots of amazing crops being harvested since we were there in the spring - so we enjoyed lots of delicious salad.
But, you can't just have salad. The seafood here is impeccably fresh. Get anything with shellfish.
I also recommend star gazing while you're here. Though the town does give off quite a bit of light, since it's on the ocean, the light is only coming from one side. I attempted to take some star photos and in the one below, you can vaguely make out the big dipper, right? Anyway, take some time to just look at nature because it's wonderful.