Travel Journaling: Sketching Outfits

As a teen, as I was deciding on where to go to University and what to study, my parents had one bit of input. They said that art was a hobby and that they would not pay for schooling if that's what I chose to study. So, I went into the super practical field of engineering. I'm not going to lie, I love math and I nerd out over some pretty dorky things and I appreciate working in a career that is plentiful in jobs and actually useful to society. However, I do wonder sometimes what life may have been like had I been allowed to study art.

I used to love sketching houses and designs for shoes. That hobby has followed me into adulthood because I like to sketch my outfits for travel. Today, I thought I'd share my sketching process with you. Prior to my Italy trip, I made an effort to document my outfit sketches and a somewhat step-by-step set of directions so that you too can be a big loser like me and draw your outfits during your trip planning.
Obviously, if you seriously suck, like, seriously seriously suck at drawing, these instructions won't be too helpful. Sorry to get all Debbie Downer on you, but that's just the truth of the matter.

You'll need:
journal (duh) or I suppose just regular paper
small scrap of paper
pencil & eraser
black marker
colored pencils, markers, watercolors - whatever you want to use to add color

First things first, you'll need to draw a silhouette on a small scrap of paper. If you are really cool and talented, you can draw this by hand. If you are not that cool, you can find a silhouette online and trace it.
Tuck the silhouette scrap under the page and use it as a guideline. Trace whatever's necessary and draw around whatever you don't need. For example, if you're drawing a full skirt, you will ignore the silhouette's hips and just draw the full poofy skirt. If you're drawing a body-conscious mini skirt, you will trace the hips and legs. Get it?
Once you've finished with the pencil, if you want, trace over your drawing with a black marker. Sometimes I leave the pencil, sometimes I want the drawing to look crisp and clean so I go for the marker. It's really up to you and your mood.
Then, it's time to color.
This particular outfit consists of a white T, floral palazzo pants, and skimmers. I even drew in my planned hairstyle - a ballerina bun for low-maintenance travel hair
Keep going with the rest of your outfits. And, since you're using the little silhouette template, all of the little figurines will be the same size and proportions and your drawing will look super pretty and professional.

I love doing this because it makes it fun to plan the outfits but also, when I look back at my journal, I recall the outfits I wore during certain trips and it makes me happy. Plus, it's always nice to have some cute visuals in your journal.
Happy sketching and happy travels!