Italy 2015: Milano Video Diary

This post is going to have a twinge of sadness to it because it's my last Italy post. I mean, last Italy post for this particular trip, not last Italy post ever because I plan on going back.
I had fun making this video since it was the only city we visited and we saw several beautiful monuments, which made it different from the small towns we went to.

By the way, I totally have to brag that I got complimented on my Italian in every friggin' city. I have to say, it made me really want to learn Italian because I was told that I had a really nice accent. I used Duolingo for maybe four weeks of hardcore daily vocabulary cram sessions and I think the pronunciation practice helped out a lot. Whenever we sat down to eat or went into stores, I'd greet the staff with a "Buongiorno!" or "Ciao!" or "Buona serata!" and immediately, they'd greet me back in a flurry of Italian after which point, I'd have to ask, "Parle inglese? Per favore?" It was kind of awesome in contrast to every visit to Paris where 90% of the population had really strong I-know-you're-American radar and they'd greet me in English before I could even break out my French.

Anyway, I really hammered the basics into my brain - greetings, "quello" (that one), "io mangio..." (I eat...), "io vorrei..." (I want), and a list of foods, and it was more than enough to get by. I was actually quite proud.

I love you, Italy. I'm going to learn some more Italian and I'll see you again soon!