Doggy Snow Day

Snowmageddon wasn't as scary as the weather people thought it would be. Wow, how lovely it must be to have a job where you can wildly and incorrectly predict the future and still manage to keep your job. Am I wrong?

I think the storm we had on Saturday was worse. My pup came outside to play whilst my sister and I shoveled the driveway and walkway. It was on the warmer side, which made the snow perfect for fort making and snowman building. And it also made it horrible for shoveling. It was really heavy and packed way too easily, which meant that I couldn't resort to my normal method of just pushing the snow out of the way. It had to be scooped and tossed. That's all right since shoveling is the only means of exercise I get in the winter. Sorry. That wasn't an apology to you; that was an apology to myself, as it is my body that suffers.

Anyway, over the weekend, GM kept doing this thing where he'd just push his face into the snow. I don't know if he was feeling warm and the snow felt good on his face or what but he kept doing it. So, yesterday, I grabbed my camera and snapped a few photos to share.
I'm sure this post may be boring to most but I like saving up these memories of my weirdo dog. He's awesome and I hope he lives forever. But if he doesn't, at least I'll have these photos to remember him by.

Ooh, much elegant. Such athletic. Amaze. Very running. Sorry, have you seen Doge?
And there he goes, sticking his face right into the snow.
And here is the aftermath of face-in-snow shenanigans.
GM also decided to make some snow dog angels.
Is he not the biggest weirdo you've ever seen?
I hope we have another snowpocalypse because I want to see this snow-clumped face again. Snowclumpalypse.
And I want to see a dog butt sticking up in the air.
I hope everyone had calm, safe, uneventful snowmageddons too. Ours was mostly fun with just a little shoveling.