Italy 2015 Itinerary

I hope everyone had a great New Year's Eve and Day. I had a little over a week off from work over the holiday and it was so relaxing. During that time, I finalized a few more Italy plans.
Train tickets can't be purchased until we're a bit closer to the date of travel, so we haven't locked those down yet, but I booked our inter-Italy flights and I am extremely excited about our itinerary. I had to knock off a few of my must-see places, but I found great alternatives. We're visiting mostly tiny towns, which I think will make for a nice, low-pressure holiday filled with charm.

Price Breakdown for FLIGHTS ($852.56)
Flights to and from Milano - $728.40
Flight from Genova to Bari - $70.21
Flight from Bari to Milano - $53.95
Anticipated Price Breakdown for LAND TRANSPORTATION ($317, give or take a few dollars, $207 per person)
Train from Milano Malpensa Airport to Milano Centrale - $12
Train from Milano Centrale to Vernazza - $41
Train from Vernazza to Genova - $18
Taxi from Genova city center to Genova Airport - $18 (train is an option too but more roundabout)
Taxi from Bari Airport to Alberobello - $100 (but we might rent a car for $100 for our time in Puglia; train is also a super cheap option but we're getting in at night and I'd rather take a more direct route)
Taxi from Alberobello to Polignano a Mare - $50 (unless we have the rental car; bus or train is also a super cheap option but it's a roundabout route)
Taxi from Polignano a Mare to Bari Airport - $70 (we have to catch a super early morning flight)
Train from Milano Bergamo to Milano P. Garibaldi - $8

Price Breakdown for HOTELS ($683.29 total, $346.65 per person)
2 nights in Vernazza - $243.20
1 night in Genova - $156.76
2 nights in Alberobello - $186.05
1 night in Polignano a Mare - $97.28
2 nights in Milano - FREE (used Marriott rewards points, which is awesome because Milano is an expensive city)

The total for the above listed items is $1406.21 (per person) which isn't an amazingly low budget price but it also isn't extravagant by any means. I might've been able to save more money with the hotel bookings but I wanted to stay in nicer places with great views because we're staying in such scenic little towns. Plus, I've already done the whole hostel thing and cheap budget hotels thing and I'm past that phase in my life (age-wise and financially). I could also save a lot of money in the land transportation department by using all public transportation but I'd rather take a cab for comfort and convenience and ease. I can afford it, so why not?

I'm crazy excited. I'm a little apprehensive because we've packed so much into our nine day stay and I'm worried we might tire ourselves out a bit. But at the same time, we're doing mostly tiny towns so we'll mostly be soaking in quaint vibes instead of running around trying to look at famous monuments so hopefully it'll be a lovely, balanced experience.



  1. ahhh bari is amazing! u will love it xoxo

    1. We won't be spending any time in Bari (just the airport) but Alberobello and Polignano A Mare look SO charming. I'm sure the entire region of Puglia is that cute. I cannot wait.


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