Living Room Makeover

My sister and I have been trying to make our house a bit nicer. In 2013, we redid the kitchen. In 2014, we decided to tackle the living room. This year, we've got our sights set on redoing the bathroom.

Anyway, redoing the living room was quite easy and affordable. We just slapped on a new coat of paint, did a bit of cleaning and rearranging, and bought a small piece of furniture here and there and boom, it looks so much better. I thought I'd share the results here because it came out nice and lovely and I just wanted to show it off a bit.
We spent maybe $200 on paint and small furniture and decorative items. It was a totally cheap makeover.

There are just some 'before' shots. We had a lot of stuff that needed to be thrown away and the paint was looking a little worse for the wear.
Our gallery wall was kind of tiny and awkward and our coffee table was a breeding ground for mess.
My "office" are a was super cluttered and the curtains were dated and kind of gross.
So, to start, we pushed all of the furniture into the middle of the room and painted. We used Behr's 'China Cup' which is a warm-toned white. We used it in one wall of our kitchen and had some leftover so we just went with it.
I think the white paint looks so much crisper.

After the paint dried, we started rearranging the furniture a little. The only major change we made was to move the piano into the little nook by the stairs. I think it's a much better use of space.
Here's my completed office area. I got a new chair and some fur to make it look cuter and cozier.
All of this happened prior to Christmas - the family Christmas party we were hosting was actually the motivation for the makeover - so we set up a tree too.
We moved all of the clutter off of the coffee table into little baskets under the coffee table. Oh, and if you're curious about the lack of cushions, it's because my dog ruins them. For some reason, he'll plop onto the sofa, rile around on his back, and kick all of the cushions off. They end up dusty and gross, so we've given up trying to have nice cushions.
We also got a new light fixture that hangs from the ceiling to replace a floor lamp. I think it looks clean and sleek.
We also updated our gallery wall with more photos and I think it looks so much better.
We also got some gigantic pillar candles to decorate under the television, kind of like a makeshift fireplace. We're deciding whether or not to get a DVD player or an XBox so we haven't put any effort into hiding our cables and wires just yet. But we will.
We also bought this little cart, which I think is so cute. It can serve as a little bar, if need be, which is fun.
And, I'll end with one of the cutest areas of the room. This might be my favorite spot. It's a little reading nook, which I think is super cozy.
 I love our living room so much now. It looks modern and clean and cozy and it's great.