Brunch at Crosby Street Hotel

A few weekends ago, I met up with some friends to have brunch at the Crosby Street Hotel Restaurant. It was a cloudy and bizarrely chilly but still an enjoyable afternoon.
I live in a small town suburb about 25 miles west of the city which means I have about 72 different options for getting into New York. I can drive, take a train, take a bus, or do a combination. Since we were meeting downtown, I decided to drive into Harrison, park my car in a garage, and then take the PATH into the World Trade Center.

I actually hadn't come to the WTC since it had finished. My company actually did a bunch of work here so I had actually got to walk around while it was still under construction. It's pretty awesome to see how gorgeous the building turned out and also to have been a part of it.
After a quick (awkward) selfie with the Jeff Koons' red balloon flower, I hopped on the subway.
The R train was stuck between stop for a bit so I was a little late to lunch. D was convinced I had been mugged because I'm never late. But, because I'm never late, I didn't even have to apologize. I was automatically forgiven; thanks guys!
The hotel is swanky and gorgeous and the restaurant is v. cozy. The backs of the chairs were decorated with animal silhouettes and that was probably my favorite touch.
To start, I asked for iced darjeeling tea but was brought hot tea. It was no big deal though because the weather was more hot beverage appropriate.
I opted for the buttermilk pancakes with blueberry compote. The pancakes were chewy (in a good way), perfectly sweet, and the blueberries made for a decent syrup substitute.
Because I'm a pig, I also asked for a side of the chicken and apple sausage. It was definitely homemade and it was awesome. The seasonings were unmistakably breakfast sausage-y and the char from the grill made it taste more summery.
My three brunch companions each opted for the poached egg dishes. J had the eggs florentine and she let me have a taste. The spinach was underseasoned but her eggs were were the runniest and yummiest.
L had the eggs royale, which were served with lox.
D had the eggs benedict.
We were all quite hungry so we scarfed our food down rather quickly. Then we sat around leisurely and chatted for a while before settling our bill and heading out.
Then, we parted ways and I headed back downtown to the Trade Center. On my way, I snapped a few photos of St. Paul's Chapel (along with its creepy graveyard) and a few shots of the PATH station.
All in all, it was a fun day and possibly the first time in history that I didn't sweat my arse off hanging out in NYC mid-summer.