Introverts Make Great Travelers

I am (what I consider) a classic introvert. I need time away from humans to "recharge my batteries," if you will, and I look forward to weekends where my only plans are to be at home for a full 48 hours on my own. I thrive in my independence. I screen my phone calls and it takes me ages to respond to texts. I love deep and meaningful conversations so I can't stand idle chit chat. I'm rarely bored because my brain is always churning. People always mistake me for being shy or untalkative when in reality, I'm just processing so I can thoughtfully and productively contribute to a discussion.
What's my point? I think introverts make excellent travelers and here's why:

We can spend hours alone (maybe with a glass of wine), researching beautiful destinations, looking for cheap flights and lovely accommodations, and have loads of fun.

We can appreciate the journey, even if it's a long-ass flight, because we can sit back with our headphones on and have some me-time.
We have creative brains that appreciate architecture, nature, history, art, and cultural differences. And traveling sparks those creative gears and gets them turning which leads to so much inspiration which turns into written word, sketches, incredible photography; basically, we spin it into gold.

We want to get into deep discussions about all of that creative stuff. It feeds our souls.

We are great listeners and we always think before we speak. This is the perfect trait for foreign travel, as it keeps us out of trouble. We will also sit and listen to wizened locals tell amazing stories about their lives and we will listen happily.
We are great at blending into crowds and we will immerse ourselves into our surroundings instead of looking like loser tourists.

We are self-sufficient. We will navigate our way through a new place with ease and do it with confidence. And we won't freak out if something goes awry. We will calmly assess the situation and elegantly solve the problem.
We love a challenge and we're frickin' amazing.