Grand Cayman: Day 5 & Video Diary

We didn't do a whole lot on our last half day on the island. We got up with the intention of relaxing and soaking up as much sun as we could before we had to leave.
Since it was an extra relaxing day, we didn't grab a GoPro and I didn't really tote my camera around much. So, I'm sharing my video diary in this post too; if you're uninterested in photos and would rather watch a video, scroll all the way down for that.

Literally, all we did was sunbathe for three hours. Actually, no, we did a little more than that. Sister and I grabbed a bag of Flamin' Hot Cheetos and my puzzle book and went out to one of the floating chairs in the water to have some fun on the ocean. Unfortunately, the gentle swaying made reading and writing rather nauseating so we ended up just snacking and relaxing.
We decided to grab some lunch before we headed to the airport so we stopped at Chicken! Chicken! just a block away from our hotel.
We got a dark meat quarter platter and a jerk chicken platter with dirty rice, cole slaw, and crispy vegetables. Everything was delicious.
Each plate came with Caribbean cornbread, which was really sweet (tasted slightly like banana) and made a pretty perfect dessert.
After lunch, we stopped by Kirk's to grab some souvenirs - I bought a bunch of pink salt slabs because they were crazy cheap - and then we drove to the airport.
Security was easy and we made it through in a breeze.
On the plane ride, we excitedly discussed what we would be eating when we got home. We whipped up cheesy rabokki and budae jjigae. I mangled the egg, but it was delicious nonetheless.
So that was our holiday. It was so much fun and I can't wait to plan next year's snorkeling trip.

And, here's our video diary:

Thanks for reading!