DIY Ugly Xmas Sweaters

Happy Christmas! We're up early today getting ready for a family party at our house. To get festive for the occasion, we spent yesterday afternoon making ugly Christmas sweaters using leftover craft materials and free garbage I got at the dollar store. (Basically, I found a box of broken stuff and asked if I could just take it and they obliged.)

I'm not really sharing any steps in this DIY because 1) I didn't do a great job documenting but 2) I just went with the flow and threw on whatever I wanted. The goal was just to make an ugly sweater so I'd say we succeeded.
I found a sparkly sweater and a sequin tank at TJ Maxx for $10 each so that's what we used as our base. On top of that, we used felt, ugly reindeer tree toppers, sequins, and faux poinsettias to decorate.

We used a mixture of hot glue, fabric glue, and needle & thread to put this together. I think the final products turned out beautifully ugly.
I also made this little egg nog carton. I know it's weird but my sister and I are going to make Christmas ornaments next week. We both took the week off from work and we wanted to do some crafts and we thought making felt and clay ornaments (for next year) sounded like fun. I'll probably document it and then share the DIY next year.
My poor little reindeer is throwing up in the style of the Snapchat filter. Now, I don't snapchat but I've seen this vomiting filter everywhere.
Aren't our creations beautiful?
To accompany our ugly Christmas sweaters, we took some ugly Christmas photos.
Happy Christmas, everyone!