Lunch and a Show

This past weekend, I did something I hadn't done in over ten years: I went to a Broadway show. I think the last show I saw was Fiddler on the Roof with Alfred Molina (who I knew better as Doctor Octopus, as Spiderman 2 had just been released). And it's not like I'm some Broadway buff that's taken a long leave of absence or anything; I've only seen three shows total (the other two being Les Miserables and The Lion King). However, being in such close proximity to the city and a subtle lover of musicals, you'd think I would have gone more often.

I think the biggest wrench has been the price. Tickets for the more popular shows tend to be rather expensive (exceeding $100 per person for decent seats) and I don't have the patience to hang around the TKTS line. So, when my aunt was coming into town from Korea and she suggested we go see something, it was a nice little excuse to drop serious dough on a show. I looked at Wicked and Matilda before my sister suggested we see something Disney. Aladdin seemed to have the most buzz and cheaper tickets so I just went for it. We ended up paying $140 for our center mezzanine seats (plus a hefty amount in fees, which I found ridiculous). But, the show was awesome so I was really happy we got to see it.
Sis and I got up bright and early and drove to JFK to pick up our aunt. She hopped in the car with her luggage and then we were off to Manhattan. I'd researched a few parking garages beforehand and found a $30 coupon for a garage on 56th so we dropped the car off and then walked over to our lunch spot.

I decided to take my aunt to the Plaza Foodhall so she could choose from a selection of cuisines. Instead, she told me to just go and get whatever I wanted to eat and she would be happy.
So, I went to the little Chi Noodle Bar booth and got a bowl of pho, a banh mi sandwich, and some summer rolls. I also stopped by the Luke's Lobster booth for a lobster roll.
For dessert, we gorged on fro-yo from YoArt, macarons from FP Patisserie, and cupcakes from Billy's.
After lunch, we walked the fifteen or so blocks down to 42nd to see our show.
Even though I hate early Christmas decorations (meaning I don't like seeing them prior to Thanksgiving), it was kind of nice to see the city getting festive for the season.
I really despise Times Square (because the crowds are atrocious and I have a subtle case of agoraphobia) but it was actually bearable on this sunny Saturday.
Aladdin is performed at the Amsterdam Theater, right on 42nd and Broadway.
We queued up to enter the building and were ushered in by a guard who encouraged us to spread out so the crowd would take up less of the sidewalk.

We were sitting in row NN in the mezzanine level and we had a decent view. Obviously, sitting up closer to the stage would have been cooler, but I also liked being able to see the entire stage without turning my head from side to side to keep up with all of the action.
I didn't take any photos of the show (as it is forbidden) but I can still tell you about it. We had an amazing time. The production value of the show is amazing and the special effects and the magic sprinkled throughout the show was incredibly fun. James Iglehart as the genie is so much fun; I hope he never leaves the role, but in case he does, I recommend you go and see the show while he's still there. The songs were fun and brought a lot of nostalgia to my Disney-loving heart. I cannot recommend this show enough; it's fun for kids and adults alike.
After the show, we meandered back to our parking garage, enjoying the decorations along 6th Avenue as we walked.
Even though I avoid NYC during the holiday season (because of the crowds and traffic and hubbub), I seriously forgot how much I love the fanfare and the fairy lights and the spirit. I might have to come back once the tree at Rock Center is up. And maybe catch another show. I'll think about it.