DIY Succulent Mugs

I bought these little $5 cat mugs a few months ago with the intention of drinking hot chocolate out of them over the winter months. However, I didn't find the shape quite comfortable enough for sipping so then I decided to turn them into little succulent pots and they turned out super cute!
You'll need:
mug (the exact mugs I have are sold out but there are similar ones at World Market)
mini succulent plants
small stones
indoor potting soil mixed with sand

I found my little mini succulent plants at my local Home Depot. Surprisingly, they had quite a decent selection and we grabbed a bunch of different kinds.
If you have the means, I recommend drilling a drainage hole in the bottom of the mug. I was too scared I might break it by accident so I refrained.

Fill the bottom third with small stones. Then sprinkle in soil to about 1 inch below the top of the mug.
Carefully remove the succulents from their pots and shake off excess soil. Then, gently nestle them into the mug. Pack a little more soil on the top but don't press too hard; you don't want the soil to be too dense. Top off the mug with more stones.
Water the plants using a spray bottle to prevent over-watering. The stones on the bottom of the mug should help with drainage and prevent root rot but the spray bottle method of watering will help avoid that headache altogether.
These guys are so cute, right? I love having them on the little windowsill by my desk.
They're like little mini zen gardens. I love greenery because it's pretty and plants produce oxygen, which is great for the environment and for my health.
And, the cat mugs are also amazingly cute, which is a bonus.


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