Pink Hair

I'm turning 29 this November, which makes me really nervous. I hate celebrating birthdays because I hate getting old and with the big 3-0 looming up ahead, I feel like I've only got a little over a year of youth left in my bones. In somewhat of a third-life-crisis, I've colored the ends of my hair bright pink as a final hurrah, you know, while I'm still "allowed" to do this.
This isn't my first time pink-ifying my hair. A few years ago, I added a few streaks to my hair using the Special Effects Atomic Pink which is basically the best product ever because it's incredibly vivid, doesn't have a smell, doesn't do any damage to my hair, and it lasts forever.

Just an FYI: I was already sporting ombre hair, so it was already lightened (with bleach) on the ends. I didn't even bother applying this stuff to the darker top half of my hair. It does add a slight tinge to dark hair, but honestly, it's just a waste of gorgeous fluoro pink to put this on anything other than bleached blonde hair.
Because the color is so bright, in a crude attempt to lighten the color I mixed just a little bit of the pink with a big glob of conditioner.
My hair was holy unicorn pink when all was said and done; I definitely could have gone a bit lighter with the color and heavier with the conditioner. That's how strong this stuff is.

However, I've got to say, this just made me fall in love with the conditioner method. In the past, I just added the color directly to my hair but it wasn't the best method because it never fully washed out and I'd leave bits of pink on towels and pillowcases and white tops for weeks on end. But, with this conditioner method, my hair washed clean (the water ran perfectly clear) and I haven't destroyed anything. Plus, the color was still super vivid.

I've found that every time I wash my hair, it's fine when I'm just using water but as soon as I add in a little shampoo, the water runs a little pink before washing out and going clear. So, I think the conditioner method makes the color fade a little quicker with every wash. But, for someone who only washes her hair twice a week (don't judge me; I'm lazy but it's not like I walk around like a grease bomb) it hasn't faded too quickly for me.
I've been loving how the pink pops; it's like a built-in accessory. I already loved wearing plain jane outfits in general but now I love it even more because of the way it looks with the pink hair.
I also love how it looks in a braid.
Youth, I will miss you but I will celebrate you as long as I have you.