2014: A Year in Review

This year has just flown by so quickly. I feel like I say that so often but it's so true every time I say it. My theory is that as you get older, each year seems to pass much more quickly because the proportion of time that a year takes in relation to your lifespan gets smaller and smaller. So, when you're ten years old, one year is a whole 10% of your life whereas when you're twenty-eight years old, one year is 3.5% of your life. Does that makes sense? No? Well, it does to me.
Anyway, I think this year was a particularly good one. I did a lot of traveling this year. I revisited old favorites and discovered new favorites. I was sent to North Dakota for work, which I dreaded but it was a great opportunity and I got to see one of America's coolest sites. I did a ton of crafting and even more cooking. I'm so grateful that I've managed to sustain my two blogs. My food blog has helped me to grow my skills as a home cook and it's starting to gain some traction. This blog right here has been a great travel and life diary, of sorts, and I'm excited to look back at my posts one day when I'm old and grey. I loved 2014 and I have some high hopes for 2015.

I started off the year with this DIY embellished belt.
And these DIY prints.
I visited Texas for the first time, specifically, Houston. And I got to give Honest Abe a little smooch.
I got an international driving permit, in preparation for driving in France.
This year's garden markers were simple but cute.
I went to DC for a few days and met up with Abe again.
I explored North Dakota here and there. It's a state I never gave any consideration to and I wasn't necessarily there by choice (because it was a work related trip), but I discovered that it was actually quite pretty.
I went to Teddy Roosevelt National Park and met a lot of wildlife.
I went to my first rodeo.
And I went to the Dakota Zoo.
I flew to France and visited Lyon for the first time.
From Lyon, we drove to Annecy, which is the most picturesque, charming town in the world.
I also went to Nice and found out it's more than just pretty beaches.
And I revisited an oldie but a goodie: Paris. As always, it did not disappoint.
I went blueberry picking. It wasn't the first time, but my family hadn't gone in years. We enjoyed baskets upon baskets of antioxidants for weeks afterwards.
I made a simple caftan for the multiple beach trips I had planned for the second half of the year.
I hosted a bridal shower for a dear friend and made a pink ombre cake. We also handed out DIY soy teacup candles as the party favors.
I went to a food truck festival and gorged on some of the best pernil ever.
I went to Miami for a bachelorette girls' trip and a few weeks later, watched my friend get married.
I flew to Toronto for a whirlwind weekend with one of the best travel companions ever. We biked our asses off.
I went to paradise, a.k.a. Providenciales, for a week and got really, really tan.
I enjoyed lots of fall foliage on my way to Mohonk for a work retreat.
I made a puppy coat for my baby, GM.
I visited Philadelphia for a weekend and fell in love with its charm and walkability. It's an easy city to explore on foot.
I started planning for Italy. I've still got loads of planning to do, but I'm happy with what we've got so far.
We did a little makeover on our living room and I jazzed up my "office" area with lots of color and faux fur.
And, I made some puppy pajamas.
It was a fun and full year. I can't wait for 2015! I hope everyone has a safe, healthy, and happy New Year.