DIY Prints

It's like DIY overload over here these days. But whatever. I'm trying to save money by making things with stuff I already have around the house and it's working.

One of the things I can't believe people spend their money on is the trendy print. I don't know how these became popular but some savvy business people are making a ton by selling printed paper. If you are like me and you're unwilling to pay for something like this, just make your own. Making your own ensures that you'll have a truly unique print and you can write whatever the heck you want.

I thought this would be a fun and quick DIY to share just before Valentine's Day because these would make a really cute gift.
What you'll need:
pretty paper
x-acto knife (to trim the paper if needed)
straight edge
stamps & ink pad
spray paint
Start by cutting your paper to size and then use a black pen or colored marker or stamp to write whatever you like. I used my favorite movies and television shows and songs for inspiration. You could write your favorite quote, something from a book you love, a clever phrase you once heard, the possibilities are endless. If you have bad penmanship or you're nervous, do a little searching online for a pretty font and do your best to copy it and/or trace it. And if you're really against writing it yourself, you could just hook a printer up to your laptop and just have technology take care of it for you.

This is from Bob's Burgers.
This is from Mean Girls.
This is from Dirty Dancing.
This is from 30 Rock.
This is from The Office.
This is Queen Bey, of course.
I made so many more but I'm not going to bore you with them all. If you follow me on instagram, I might share a few more, but no promises.

I thought these would look cute inside some gold frames. I couldn't find a frame that I actually liked from my fav cheap-o store, Christmas Tree Shops, so I grabbed a few of these plastic ones that I didn't much care for instead. I took them home and spray painted them with a bit of gold and gold glitter. Voila, instantly beautified.
Do this outside or in a well-ventilated area. Lay down some newsprint and spray away. Hold the can about 12" away for an even, drip-free coating. Let the frames dry for at least 4 hours before handling.
Last step is to put the prints inside the frame. How cute is that?!
Ugh, my heartttttttt for real. Now, go forth, make your own, and put the money you might've spent on Etsy straight into your holiday fund.