Friday, February 14, 2014

Hello, Texas!

I'm leaving work a little early today to head to the airport to fly to Houston. Yay! We had a crapload of snow over here yesterday, if you hadn't heard, so I'm a little worried about our flight. The weather is clear and sunny right now but with all of the delays and cancellations yesterday, I'm hoping our flight doesn't get backed up.
Texas Weekend
I shared a packing list a month ago but it turns out that the weather is going to really nice for our visit - in the 70s - so I had to do a bit of editing.
I've switched to more breathable cottons and linens and everything fits in one cute weekender bag. The bag in my collage isn't the exact bag I have. I'll actually be sharing my bag in a post soon. It has all of the perfect elements of a weekender bag and it's going to be great for this trip.

We have a rough itinerary planned out and I'm so excited. As always, I will blog about everything once I get back so stay tuned.


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