Houston Part 1

We had a fantastic weekend in Houston. We saw tons of art, ate lots of delicious food, and enjoyed some great weather. I took so many photos that I'm going to split up the trip into a few different posts.
The flight was pretty easy. We had a 20 minute delay because the incoming plane was late but we considered ourselves lucky as there were several flights from earlier that day that were canceled due to the awful weather. The standby list was almost 100 people.

Oh, but the weirdest part of the whole trip was the security check-in on our way there! A TSA agent swiped some sort of hot bandaid on each of my hands (I think it was designed to detect explosive residue) and once I was cleared we were allowed to go through the metal detector with our shoes and coats on. Plus, I didn't have to pull out my iPad or my liquids bag. It was the quickest check-in experience I've ever had. IT WAS AWESOME.
The Orange Show was actually closed for renovation or something so we didn't get to go inside but I'm pretty sure we got a pretty good understanding just from the outside.
This was one of the quirkier things we did. It's just a normal house (which is now sort of a museum) covered in aluminum beer can "art." This guy, John Milkovisch, decorated his house with beer can garlands, covered the walls in beer can siding, and covered all of the grass in his yard with concrete and stone (inlaid with marbles) because he didn't want to mow his lawn anymore.

Admission is only $2 and it's a random and kind of weird activity but so fun.
I'm in love with all of these quotes.
Oh! We also joined my cousin at her church, Ecclesia, and David Crowder led praise! I thought that was really cool.

I'll finish up this post with a photo of Kitty (whose real name is Zoltan... I think). Isn't he so photogenic and cute? I love him. He's got this chubby little body and a tiny head.