Clean & Dirty Laundry Bag

I am in love with this little pouch I bought from Gap. It's currently on sale for $9.

I haven't used it yet but I plan on breaking it in for my trip to Houston. It's got a "wear me" side and a "wash me" side so I'll pack all my clean underpants on the "wear" side and the rest is obvious. What a cute way to keep things tidy, wouldn't you agree? I feel like you could easily make a pouch like this too. Perhaps there's a DIY coming in the future.
In case my knickers didn't give you enough of a size reference, here are the actual dimensions. I was able to comfortably fit 10 pairs of undies (folded and rolled in my usual fashion) into the "wear" pouch along with two bandeau bras and one regular bra. So, it'll be great for my trip to France as well. Hoorah.