D's Bridal Shower

Today I wanted to share fun snaps from the bridal shower that my fellow bridesmaids and I threw for our fave gal, D. I want to share because 1) I'm proud of the work we did, 2) the space we were able to use was gorgeous, and 3) because it was such a happy occasion. Plus, maybe you can glean a few ideas from us for your own shower.

D's a classy lady with understandably high standards (we're v. similar in that regard) so the four of us threw together a sweet tea party shower with the cutest tea bags and food signage ever (courtesy JR), fun and un-cheesy games (that was all L), lush flower arrangements and plenty of booze (thanks to D's sister, JL), and a giant cake (which was my doing). Garden party was an unofficial theme. We didn't have an actual theme-y theme because D thinks that's tacky (as do I). We just wanted to look pretty, eat pretty foods, and enjoy each others' company.
If you're wondering, I'm sharing the recipes over on my food blog so watch for those. A few are up and a few are scheduled to go up soon. Run on over! But only if you care about food.
Tea sandwiches, anyone?

These tea cups came from Christmas Tree Shops (a super great resource for cheap-o but cute items; they've got great dupes for some Anthropologie's kitchenware) and they were turned into teacup candle favors afterwards. I shared the DIY a little while ago, remember that?
The gift wrap table runner was all JL's idea. Isn't it awesome? It's so simple, cheap, and makes for easy cleanup. These are raspberry macarons and lemon macarons. The little tiered dish also came from Christmas Tree Shops. The hardware was black but I painted it gold because I thought it was prettier. Food-safe paint is recommended.
All of the gorgeous flowers came from Trader Joe's. That's another great tip for you right there. Trader Joe's is so friggin' affordable.

And here's the bridal party, minus the bride.
We asked D to come just slightly (and oh so fashionably) late so that she'd enter a room full of guests that were happy to see her.
After a little bit of snacking and socializing, we headed down to the salon to play some games. There was a little bridal bingo and a 'how well do you know the groom' game complete with video-recorded answers integrated into a fancy presentation. Yeah, we're good. After that, the future Mrs. opened some gifts and then we took a few group photos.
Congratulations, D! What a classy party, right? The bridal party is headed to Miami this weekend. I'm sure we'll be up to some equally fun but slightly less classy activities. I might share a few here.