Dakota Zoo

The Sunday after the rodeo, I had to check out of my Bismarck hotel and head back to Beulah. I had the whole day with no plans so I decided to check out the Dakota Zoo. Admission was only $7.25 anyway so why not?
To be perfectly honest, I wasn't really expecting much, especially considering the cheap admission. But this zoo was actually really nice! The way that most of the enclosures were set up was really nice because they allowed you to get decent shots of the animals. I ended up having more fun than I thought I would.

Now, this isn't a lesson in animals, so I'm just going to share what I saw.
I saw aoudads.
I took a selfie. Don't I look tan? Love it! I think it's a combination of the sun I got in France and working outside in North Dakota.
I saw llamas!
I shared this photo on Instagram. I captioned it, "como se llama, a story of llamas in love; coming to a theatre near you. best rom-com, i'm sorry, llam-com ever." I'm freakin' clever sometimes. I'm kidding but I mean, look at that shot! They look like they're about to kiss and their eyes are closed!!
I saw a Mexican wolf. He's a Snoopy wannabe, sleeping on his roof instead of inside his house.
I saw a coyote. Some kid kept calling it a "kaw-yote" (instead of "ka-yo-tee") and he said the word at least seven times. "Mom! Is that a kaw-yote? It's a kaw-yote. Right mom? Mom, that's a kaw-yote. I think it's a kaw-yote!" I know this is going to make me sound like a horrible person but I wanted to kick him in his dumb little face. Anyone remember that pictionary scene in Family Guy - "Jackal! Jackal! It looks like a jackal! It's a jackal! Jackal!" I hope that helps you empathize with my annoyance.
I saw a sleepy puma.
I saw a red fox.
I saw a bobcat.
I saw an owl. She was sleeping because it was daytime, naturally. Some arseholes were yelling at her trying to wake her up. Idiots.
I saw a swift fox.
I saw a porcupine. It was lunchtime for her.
I saw an American badger (not a honey badger).
I saw a Canada lynx.
I saw a sleepy arctic fox.
I saw snow leopards.
I saw Bengal tigers - both orange and white.
I saw brown bears, which are one of my favorite animals; they're definitely in my top five. I know they're dangerous but look how fat and cuddly they look!
I saw a ruffed lemur.
I saw Reeve's muntjac. I've never even heard of that before but look how cute! They seemed to love people because when I walked up, it tried to nuzzle my hand.
I saw a river otter. He was so friggin' cute.
I saw a tammar wallaby. He didn't want to come out of his little cozy house though.
I saw an ugly emu.
I saw a black swan.
I saw a Canada goose, which I thought was kind of stupid. I mean, they're everywhere. I don't know how these two particular geese got so lucky to hang out in this little habitat and get fed everyday, but they're living the dream. Also, all of the birds were in these caged areas but the fences only went up 3 feet. I'm assuming their wings are clipped so they won't fly away or they're smart enough to realize how good they've got it.
I saw prairie dogs. Kids were feeding them dried corn, fat little buggers.
I saw some sort of falcon and a bald eagle.
I saw an American cream draft horse. She was so soft! She was like a unicorn without her horn.
I saw a deer. We have plenty of these in NJ but this one was cute. She licked the back of my hand. And look at those lashes!
I saw a sleepy reindeer.
I saw a moose.
I saw a mountain goat. I think the one I saw at Mount Rushmore was more smiley and cuter though. After this guy, I hightailed it back to the main area of the zoo and ended up skipping a bunch of animals - like the camel and bison - because it was starting to drizzle. Normally, I'm not averse to rain but it rains in North Dakota and I was worried that it was rain and not just rain because I was wearing flip flops and I wanted to get the heck out of there before I slipped and fell in the mud and gushing floodwaters.
Back at the main area of the zoo, I saw summer beach body inspiration. Just kidding! I saw big fat pigs. I felt so bad for the slightly skinnier pig because the stupid big fatter one was hogging all of the feed that kids were sliding down the chute.
I saw cute miniature goats! I love them!!! These guys are also in my top five favorite animals list. Number 1 is dogs, and then tied for second are bears, miniature goats, kittens (not cats), and sea turtles.
I saw miniature donkeys. I mean, I love mini animals but what's even better than a mini animal? A baby mini animal! This baby mini donkey was so friggin' cute!
I saw a Highland cow. This idiot was mooing at everyone so loudly. He would not shut up. I hate his bangs. I hate him so much, I want to eat him on a burger. I'm only partly kidding. He looks cute in this photo but in real life he sounds like an asshole.
I saw miniature horses.
This one wanted to take a selfie so I gave her my camera. Haha, I love her bugged out eyes.
So that was my trip to the zoo. I should probably go to the Bronx Zoo and do a proper animal lovers' trip soon, huh? But this was a good one too.