DIY Mini Veil

For D's bachelorette last weekend, we went to Miami to relax and hang out and party. My fellow bridesmaids and I wanted to have a few kitschy, cliche aspects so JL brought along a sash and I made a little veil. I was going to make a tiara but I didn't have a spare headband and I think it worked out a little better because this veil screams "I'm getting married!" more than a tiara would. Plus, I think it looks a little prettier.

I think it came out super cute so I'm sharing the DIY here.
You'll need:
4 pieces of tulle, 6" x 10"
1 metal bendy clip
pearl beads, sequins, or gems
piece of felt (white or cream is probably the way to go), 1/2" x 3"
hot glue

Glue the pearl beads (or whatever decorative bits and bobs you're using) to the piece of felt.
Glue the decorated felt to the triangle clip.
Fold one end of each piece of tulle back and forth, accordion-style, and then glue it to the felt and clip. If you want a fuller looking mini veil, add more tulle.
Let the clip dry completely before using it.
Here I am, trying it on in several different angles, for your viewing pleasure (or displeasure).
If you've got a bachelorette party in your future, will you consider this little DIY? I think it's cute and fun.