DIY Car Freshener

I'm back from Miami, which stinks. But you know what doesn't stink? These DIY car fresheners that I'm sharing today!
You'll need:
colorful cardstock
essential oils

Start by using the cardstock to make an appropriate cutout for the scent you want to use. I was using chocolate for this first one so I made a little slice of chocolate cake.
Drip just a few drops of essential oils onto your cutout.
The oil stains a bit, but whatever! Poke a hole in the cutout and tie a piece of twine to it. Let it dry for a bit.
I also made a vanilla ice cream cone and added a few drops of vanilla scented oil.
Aren't these cute? Hang them in your car proudly! If you're not a fan of the oil stains, you can glue a piece of wax paper to the back of your cutout, drip the oil onto a separate piece of paper, and then glue it to the wax paper. However, I don't mind the stains. I mean, it's just something meant to make your car smell pleasant for about a month (which is how long they last). Plus, the stains do fade after about two weeks, so if you can wait it out, that's a solution too.