DIY Baby Prints

My friends E and B are having a baby soon! I went to a baby shower earlier this month to celebrate baby boy C and it was a ton of fun. They live in Vegas but they came all the way out to the east coast, which was such a lovely treat. But because they live in Vegas, I had to ship my gift so they wouldn't have an overwhelming amount of luggage on their way home.

I bought a few things but I also wanted to do something handmade because that's just my style. I ended up making a print. Of course, I gave them a little FYI that I wouldn't be offended if they completely hated it and tossed it because I'm not a fan of forcing stuff on people. But hopefully they enjoy it!
Can you guess what the print says yet?

What do you think? I considered using water colors to paint in the letters but I kind of prefer that sketchy marker look.

I happen to love typography so I just sketched the letters myself (I used a ruler to make sure the spacing would be all right) but if you're not into that, you can certainly print a page out from your computer instead.
I think it came out adorable!
Oh, and these are some other cute snaps from that same weekend. First is George Michael with his new favorite toy (which is a squeaky zebra named Julio) and below is Eisa, my friend H's cat. She's the cutest thing ever. I slept over H's house and Eisa was sleeping in a basket when we went to bed but when I woke up in the morning, she was snuggled between us on the bed! MY HEARTTTT.