DIY Embellished Belt

Today, I'm sharing my DIY embellished belt project. I was on the fence about whether or not I should share this craft because I don't know how much the effort is worth the reward. After having taken on this project, I think if I were given the choice to do it again, I would just buy one instead. That being said, I thought I'd share anyway because there might be someone out there who actually likes beadwork and will want to make one.

This belt was inspired by one I saw on Anthropologie's website with a few tweaks. I loved the color scheme - lots of sparkling gold - and the leaf design.
You'll need:
chipboard or paper
8.5" x 11" piece of felt
needle and thread
tulle ribbon
*optional: glue
Start by drawing a leaf shape. Cut it out and trace it again to make two leaves. Then, place the leaves together and trace to another piece of chipboard. Trace again and cut out; this will be the pattern for the repeated leaves.

Trace the leaf pattern to the felt along the longer side (11" side). Cut the felt out. Cut out a second pattern as a backing piece, if you want.
Sew the beads and sequins to the felt in leaf shapes. I'm feeling a wee bit lazy right now so I'm not really in the mood to explain how to sew the beads and sequins on. Luckily though, I shared simple tutorials for sewing beads and sequins previously, so if you're unsure of how to do it, take a quick look through my archives.
Repeat in any pattern you like. I did beads, sequins facing down, sequins facing up, sequins facing down, and more beads.
While you're sewing, you should whip up a cup of Nutella hot chocolate to fuel up.
I ended up adding some pearl beads to fill up some of the empty white space and I loved how it looked.
And, to make the rest of the belt, sew pieces of tulle to each side. I cut mine in 3 foot-long pieces, which made the ribbon long enough to tie around my waist, with a cute little tulle bow in the back.
Use a little glue to secure your sewing and to attach the 2nd piece of felt backing, if you want. This is completely optional but adds a little insurance to make sure the stitching won't come undone. I didn't glue on my backing piece - it felt too bulky - but I did use a little dab of glue on each stitch.
I'm in love with this belt. I think it turned out much nicer than I was expecting it to. The whole project took me about 4 hours. I put on some Netflix and worked at a leisurely pace. Plus, I'm not the greatest with needlework.
If you're wondering, my dress is from Topshop and my lipstick is the Rimmel Kate Moss matte lipstick in 110.
And look, the belt can also be worn as a headband. How versatile.
If anyone actually makes this belt, I'd love to see it so share it with me.



  1. I really can't believe you have done this awesome belt! How an artist! I was looking for a diy belt, but this is amazing! Congratulations! I follow you!



    1. Hi Amalie! Thanks for the compliments! I appreciate your feedback so much. And thanks for following! :):)


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