DIY Milk Bottle Vases

This DIY was v. spontaneous. I bought these cheap little bottle vases from Target in the $1 section and I thought to myself, "Hm, these look like those cute milk bottles that people used to get delivered to their door by the milkman." And, it turned out cute enough that I decided to share it.
You'll need:
bottle vases (preferably plaster or painted wood)
rubbing alcohol
cotton pad
permanent marker
*optional: acrylic spray sealer
First, practice what you want to write on your vases. I chose to write "Sunshine Farms fresh milk" on one bottle and "Happy Farmhouse sweet cream" on the other. I don't know how I came up with those; I just thought they sounded cute.

My vases were a painted chipboard coated in plaster (or so I speculate) with a shiny finish so I used some alcohol to just make sure there were no oils on the surface. Oily surfaces won't hold onto the ink of a permanent marker as well.
After that, it's just coloring and writing with a marker. I used a little piece of tape to make sure my writing wouldn't be crooked.
I just let my vases dry for 48 hours before using them. Optionally, you can spray your design with some clear acrylic spray sealer.
Don't they look cute? I think these would make a great hostess gift.