Girly Post: Favorite Travel-Sized Makeup

If you know me, you'll know that I love to organize and plan. And when it comes time to plan a trip, I can get a little obsessive about what I'm going to pack and I'll even draw the outfits I'm going to wear (here are just two examples 1, 2). With three trips already on the horizon, I've begun brainstorming not only my clothing choices but also my makeup.

So, the other day while I was cleaning my room, I decided to sort through my travel makeup and show you a few of my favorites. FYI, I buy travel sizes quite often to use in my daily life because I don't use a ton of makeup so the smaller size suits my lifestyle. Also, a few of the things I'm sharing are not necessarily travel size but they do travel well so they belong on this list. Okay, let's go.
There is a lot of stuff here... but I want to mention all of it. I'll link what I can but some of this stuff is older or limited edition so I'll link a similar item, when possible.
Yes, this list is crazy long but let me be clear, I would never take ALL of these products with me anywhere. That's just too much. I've bolded and *asterisk-ed my must-haves, which total 7 products. But the products that I actually choose will 100% depend on my destination. For example, for my upcoming trip to France, I'll probably pack a little more makeup to channel my inner French lady. But, when I'm in Turks & Caicos, I probably won't pack any makeup and just stick to sunscreen. Oh yeah, did I mention I'm going to Turks & Caicos again? Tickets were cheap, what can I say? And, I still love my Cabana Glama which is the perfect travel makeup kit for me.

Also, I'm not necessarily touting these specific brands and products but the spirit of them. For example, there are plenty of different mini mascara brands out there. YSL faux-cils is just the free sample I happened to receive once upon a time.

By the way, if you were wondering, the little jewelry tray on the right is from Anthropologie. It's gorgeous and I'm in love with it.