Travel Size Perfumes

I'd heard a rumor late 2011 that the 3 oz. liquid limit would be lifted in 2012, but it was still in play when I flew to San Juan in November. Honestly, I think that the limit is helpful for me because it prevents me from packing way too much and the only thing that will change if/when the ban is lifted is that I'll shove my liquids into my big carry-on (instead of my smaller purse/backpack) and not worry about having to send it through the x-ray machine in its own cubby bin.

So today's post is about travel-sized perfumes. Many brands sell rollerball packaging (which is often less than 1 oz. of product) and mini spritz bottles but as you may know, it can be costly. Buying in bulk saves you money and the converse is also true - the unit price of smaller packages is way higher than the unit price of larger packages. What I like to do is collect the little mini sample perfumes that I get for free and use those when I travel. It's a little safer not to worry about a larger bottle of perfume, it's super convenient, as they fit in my smallest clutch and can be taken with me when I'm out and about, and did I mention that they are FREE? Free!

I collect the bulk of my samples when I buy things from Sephora online but I also ask the girls (and sometimes guys) at the store if they have any samples that I can have (when I'm checking out, because I feel rude and embarrassed to ask and not buy anything). Ulta also provides free samples with every online purchase as does Nordstrom. I'm sure loads of other places offer free sample perfumes and you can always ask an associate at any department store. Just make sure to show how grateful you are, especially if you don't plan on purchasing anything.

Here are just a few that I've collected this year. I usually try and pick perfumes that I know smell nice and then maybe another just to experiment with and try out. As you can see, some of these have spray tops and others have dip stick applicators, depending on the brand. The spray is a bit easier to use but also uses up more product so it's a draw for me whether one is better than the other.
And look at how small! These samples are usually less than 3" so they'll fit almost anywhere.
It's 100% possible to travel really lightly and still smell lovely. So start collecting those sample perfume bottles - ready, set, go!