Makeup Samples

So I talked about sample-sized perfume for travel and today I'm talking about all the other sample stuff I get from Sephora and Ulta and the like. With both sites, sometimes they have coupon codes for a free kit of samples and I've gotten a few in the past. These kits come with samples of eye cream, lotions, face washes, body washes, hair care products, miniature mascaras, just so much stuff (depending on the theme of the kit). If you're going somewhere for just a few days, it's so much more convenient to bring a few packets of product rather than bottles. Even when I went to Istanbul for a week, I brought a small sample packet of Philosophy's Purity Made Simple to wash my face with and it was awesome because it took up just a sliver of space and I was able to toss the wrapper once it was used up. And these packets, even when they are only meant for a one-time use, usually contain enough product for at least 3 uses (for me).

Obviously, a vacation is no place to experiment drastically with your skin or hair - because what if you have a terrible reaction? - but I often get samples of reliable products that I know and trust or high end products that I know will be awesome and those will get tossed right into my luggage.

Again, like with the perfume, sometimes you can ask a sales associate for any available samples. Most recently, at Nordstrom, I went in very purposefully, knowing exactly what I wanted and bought some lotions and a foundation despite the fact that the woman helping me made many suggestions for other products. Instead of forcing her favored products on me, she sent me home with a bag FULL of different samples to try out, saying that if I ended up disliking what I bought, I should experiment and come back. I asked her if she always gives away samples like this and she said that they almost always have samples to give away and that I should always ask, because it doesn't hurt.

Here are two photos of just a few of the samples I have, ready to take with me on vacation. I received the "naturally gorgeous" sample kit (containing products derived from natural ingredients), two Sephora baggies with random samples (that I received from some nice associates in the store), and a Hello Kitty sample bag, which I LOVE because I love Hello Kitty. That bag was just a bonus - the samples didn't have anything to do with HK; Sephora just wanted everyone to get the bag.