Travel Makeup (Cabana Glama)

I've always enjoyed using makeup but haven't really "gotten into it" until this past year. I've been watching lots of youtube beauty gurus and perusing Makeup Alley for the reviews on the best products and doing a lot of browsing on Sephora. (By the way, I'll link some my favorite youtube gurus: shannon harris, tanya burr, and karissa pukas).

This means that when I travel, I've been itching to bring more and more stuff with me. Now, I'm not the type to buy loads of different brands of the same thing - I own one bottle of foundation, one blush, one eye primer, one bronzer, etc. The only product I own multiple brands/types of is eyeshadow, (which is just "duh," to me anyway). This makes it difficult for me to stop myself from bringing everything I own when I travel so what I looked into over the Christmas shopping season, was a one-stop-shop type of makeup kit that I could take with me on holiday and here's what I found:

This is Benefit's "Greetings from Cabana Glama" kit. It was released a while ago, but is still available on Sephora's website for the awesome sale price of $19.00 (marked down from $36.00). And the part that I really liked was the big mirror on the lid.
As you can see, it comes with the Some Kind of Gorgeous cream-to-powder foundation in the shade medium (which is a bit too dark for my skin right now but would work when I'm tan - which totally makes sense since this is a sunshine-type holiday destination kit), Hoola bronzer (which is quite popular) and a little brush, three eyeshadows: peach fizz (shimmery pink), bronze fuzz (tan shimmer), and cocoa pizzazz (shimmery brown), a sponge applicator, and Posie tint which works as both a lip and cheek stain. And like the package says, you can remove the makeup tray and use the little box to hold jewelry and other trinkets (which you might've collected while on your tropical getaway).

Here are some swatches of the eyeshadows:
And a swatch of the hoola, which came out a little blurry:
The little blue ribbons poking out help you get the products out of the little niches.
Here's what the foundation looks like:
And here's the Posie tint:
The best part about this kit is the size:
I would probably wrap a rubberband around the box, just to prevent it from opening, before I tried to pack it up. In addition to this little kit, I'd bring an eye primer (just because shadow creases easily on my oily lids) and mascara.

The packaging is a sturdy cardboard (?) - you know, I'm not positive that's the best way to describe it. It's not like corrugated cardboard, it's like what board game boards are made of except even thicker. The point is, it's sturdy and well-made so you don't have to worry about the box cracking like glass or plastic might.

Just an FYI, Benefit makes many other kits like the "She's So... Jetset" kit, $36.00 and Primping with the Stars, $32.00, both of which are also great for travelling. I've linked Sephora for the kits but they can also be found on the Benefit website. I just used Sephora because you can also stock up on some free perfume samples like I mentioned in my previous post. Happy shopping!

**Disclaimer: I bought this kit myself and am not being paid to advertise Benefit. I just think it's a nice brand that makes lovely kits for travel.


  1. Love it!!! I love benefit and hoola - it's like $28 but lasts me a whole year. I've always loved the cute names - I had "Aruba in a tuba" lol years ago <3

  2. I love the cute names too! It's part of the charm/lure of buying certain brands over others, I think.


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