Couture: Istanbul

I always plan out my outfits day-by-day for my holidays because it makes it so much easier to pack and it's less stressful and time consuming each morning to just throw on what I've already planned. I usually just make a list, but I got this Fashionary journal as a gift a few years ago and haven't really used it much and since I think it's super fun to draw my outfits, I've decided to start doing that for my trips. I did the same for my Maui trip, though I didn't plan out EVERY outfit - considering it was a holiday that revolved around swim suits.

These are just a few ideas - I have a little less than two weeks to finalize.
And I picked up this amazing nail polish from Essie (color: set in stones) that I think looks beautiful and might be the winning color for this trip. It's glamorous, will match everything, and will look awesome for night life activities.
12 days! :)