Cappadocia Flights

Happy Valentine's Day!

I'm not into chocolate or flowers but traveling? I'll take it. I'm v. excited because our flights to Cappadocia are booked. After taxes and check-in fees, the total cost comes to $65 per person for round trip tickets.

I booked through the Pegasus website, which was rather easy and painless. Just a few notes:

  • To save a few bucks, don't forget to check the box that says you DO NOT want travel insurance. Once you check it, it become a box that says you DO want travel insurance so don't get confused and click it again.
  • You have the option of which currency you'd like to use (there are a few choices) to make your purchase. If your bank card or credit card doesn't charge a fee for transactions made online in a foreign currency, I suggest making the purchase in Turkish Lira. I have a feeling that the site pumps up the exchange rates. I say this because the website rate in $ was much higher than the number I got when I checked with an internet currency conversion. And later, I compared my charges online and saw that I'd saved $15 (per ticket) by making the purchase in TL instead of $.
  • There are a limited number of airports where online check in is available (the list is available online) and you can check in up to 72 hours in advance. If online check in is unavailable, you must check in at a desk or kiosk at the airport, up to 1 day before your flight.
Peerless Excursions has a shuttle that coordinates with the takeoff and landing times of Pegasus Airlines. It's 20TL ($11) per person, one way.

Now it's time to start making some more itineraries.